12th Annual Business Expo Included a Zoo

The 12th Annual Orange Business Expo took place Wednesday, June 12, at the High Plains Community Center.{{more}} From restaurants, to physicians, to major banks, the expo showcased a large variety of useful businesses and community services to town residents.{{more}}

Everyone was allowed to enter free of charge and get the chance to learn about services firsthand, and even purchase items and services on the spot simply by visiting the booths and talking with the various representatives.

The expo featured several activities and seminars hosted by various businesses. To name a few, Red Rock Marketing held a seminar on how to create and advertise a powerful brand name, Toastmasters International held a seminar on overcoming stage fight, and there was even a free raffle that gave away gift certificates to various Orange Restaurants.

The expo wasn’t just an educational gathering though, and many booths provided free service as well. Restaurants such as Chip’s and Breugger’s Bagels ensured that crowds were fed and entertained, and the Beardsley Zoo booth even provided content for children to enjoy.

Most of the booths even gave away some sort of trinket as a unique way of helping potential customers associate with the given business.

At this year’s convention there were 58 booths featured. Newcomers included Insphere Insurance Solutions, True Care Insurance, and the Beardsley Zoo. Orange Economic Development Executive Director Paul Grimmer said the expo was well attended.

“It was terrific, I’m very happy with the number of people that attended. There was something for everybody depending on their age groups. The High Plains Community Center is great; people aren’t intimidated to go there, so it ends up providing a great business atmosphere.”

Grimmer said including the 147 people associated with vendors, the expo had more than 500 participants in total, setting a new record. Grimmer expects that with the help and cooperation of the community center, future years will be even better for the Orange Expo.

Puerto Vallarta Restaurant hosted a Business After Hours gathering following the expo and it was very well attended.