Hair’s To You: A Child’s First Trip to the Stylist

I recently had the pleasure of styling a child’s hair that was a forth generation customer. Where does the time go? {{more}}

His great grandfather, grandfather, and father have been clients of mine since I stated my business in 1965. Who said there is no loyalty left in the world today?

A bad experience makes them much less willing to come back to the salon in the future.

You never want to be off to a bad start. The less distractions the better.

A favorite toy or stuffed animal is a good choice. I have had some parents who brought the entire toy chest.

I have seen many frustrated parents with a screaming kid throw their hands up in despair.

What should be a pleasant event turns into a disaster. Trust me; it doesn’t have to be that way.

I had suggested to the parents that as many times as they could prior to his visit that they should bring the child with them to the salon when they were getting their own hair done.

Once watching his dad get trimmed he was eager to give it a try. Although he was a little apprehensive at first he quickly settled in to the process that was going on around him.

I always refrain from using the term Hair Cut when getting to know the child. Hair trim or style is a much more friendly word.

Think about it? Kids equate the word cut with pain.

Once he was settled I gently combed his hair, let him touch the clippers, listen to the buzz showing him that this experience would be fun.

Now that I had his confidence I began to style his hair. He was cautious of every move I made I even let him spritz me with the water bottle which he found quite amusing.

You can’t expect a perfect hair style the first time out. Kids move fast, up, down, sideways I have practically had to stand on my head with some of them.

For the most part just a trimming of the locks is the best way to go the first time out.

By the time we had finished his dad had a prideful smile. Mom got that special picture, she had a lock of her son’s hair in a baggy and the first diploma he will ever get for enduring his first trip to the barber.

Of course it would not be complete without the presentation of a lolipop for good behavior.

Michael Raccio is a Master Barber, Hairdresser and Cosmetologist, and Hair Replacement Specialist. Email him with your questions at mfollicle