A Hidden Gem

The Orange Wine & Spirits liquor store is located at 663 Orange Center Road next to People’s United Bank.{{more}}

Sam Patel owns both the liquor store and convenience market next door.

The liquor store is open from 9 until 9 everyday and on Sundays from 10 until 5. You can usually find Sam at the convenience store and his wife Rashmi at the liquor store.

Both stores are conveniently located between Route 34 and the BostonPost Road.

When I visited the store the racks were full and refrigerators carried beer, flavored wine coolers, some white wines and champagne.

The store carries a variety of standard liquor; flavored vodkas, single malt scotch, whiskey, gin, tequila.

Liqueurs range from Kahula to Lemoncello. There were rows of white and red wines as well as large bottles and boxed wines.

When I spoke to Rashmi and Sam they told me that their main goal is to accommodate their patrons.

If you’re looking for something specific or can’t find what you want, they’ll order it for you. All prices are at the Connecticut minimum and should you come in with a lower price from another store, they will match that price.

I tried two bottles of quality wine and an interesting liqueur all at good prices.

Lacryma Christi Del Vesuvio $9.99 — this is an Italian wine with a legendary past. It seems that when God cried his tears fell on the ground where Lacryma Christi vines then grew.

The wine has a nice fruit flavor with mineral notes. This goes well with antipasto and fish. I had it with sushi. The wine is at its best if not more than four years old.

Villa Mt Eden, Grand Reserve Zinfandel, Antique vines 2007 – $12.99. I like Zinfandels and this is a good one: black cherry in color with chocolate and vanilla flavors and ending in a lush fruit finish.

This is a wine that can support rich foods. I had it with beef ribs and the fruit flavors lasted throughout.

I also had it with dark chocolate and it was outstanding. Open it early so it can breathe.

Crave, Chocolate Chili Liqueur -$19.99. Wow what a wonderful combination. I had it on ice. The chocolate was creamy with a hot kick at the end. Incredible!

This is definitely not a large store but the selections are good, diverse and pricing is excellent.

The store is a gem. Don’t miss it!

Next month I will be writing about that great summer beverage Beer.

I don’t drink much beer but when it is hot outside a cold beer is perfect.

I will be talking to some beer experts and I would like to hear from you. What beers do you like? What foods do you enjoy having with it? Why do you like it?

I will start this beer column with your responses. Email me at Cheers06477@gmail.com. Hope to hear from all you beer lovers! Thanks

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