A New Store and Some Darn Good New Selections

This month the focus is on Wine & Liquor Outlet located at 528 Boston Post Road next to T J Maxx.{{more}} Sam Mullick is the owner who has a vast collection of liquors, wines, beers, ports and brandies in this 10,000 square foot store.

The store has tastings every Friday and Saturday with various wine, liquor or beer offerings.

I met with Dave and John, the store managers who are most knowledgeable and approachable about all the products in the store. John told me they are planning to increase their beer section with more craft beers.

In addition he said they are increasing their local and organic wines and beer products.

One of the things I enjoyed about this store is its unique organization. There are areas of the store dedicated to specific items that make shopping easy.

One section has all the boxed and large bottled wines together. Another section is dedicated to craft beers, and another for seasonal beer.

There is a “10% off” section as well as a “closeout” space with products at discounted prices.

My two favorite sections are Fine Wine Selections and 90+ point Wines under $25. These wines are rated by Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, and Robert Parker with numbers in the 90s indicating an exceptional wine. In the Fine Wine Section all the wines are 90+ and have also been recommended by the store managers. If you want a great wine for a special person or a Happy Birthday this is the place. Prices start at $30 and I did see a few for over $100.

The managers Dave and John really know these wines and can help you make the perfect selection. My other favorite is the 90+point Wines under $25. These wines have all gotten high ratings and the prices are $25 or less. This is the place to find a bargain. I found a 92 point wine for $7.99.

Here are the special selections recommended by Sam- four are red and one is white.

Clean Slate 2011 Riesling, Mosel Germany, $9.99

This is a light and refreshing white wine. It is not sweet so it works so well with salads and spicy foods. I had this with grilled chicken sausage and it was delightful.

Meiomi 2011 pinot noir Belle Gloss, $19.99

This is a 92 point wine with lush fruit and a clean and smooth finish. I had this with grilled salmon. It enhanced the fish and showed its fruit and spicy flavor.

Juan Gill 2010 Spain $14.99

This 92 point wine is considered the Cabernet Sauvignon of Spain. You will like its deep red color with its fruity aroma and spicy taste. It was made for barbeque and grilled meats. I had this with a rib eye steak and mashed potatoes. It felt like summer. Wonderful!

Phantom 2009 Bogle $17.99

This wine is a blend of zinfandel, petite sirah and mourvedre. Every year the blending changes. This year it is considered full bodied with spice and berry flavors. I had this wine with pork ribs. It holds up well with rich foods. It does need to breathe before drinking to enjoy its full fruit flavors.

Hahn 2011 mertiage $16.99

This is another blended wine made with a beautiful cherry red color that matches its rich, lush flavors. Chicken, beef dishes and even pizza are great partners to this wine. It drank smooth and delicious from start to finish.

Check out this store. You won’t be disappointed!

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