A Rosé By Any Other Name…

I have read a number of articles about Rosé wines. It seems when the weather gets warmer Rosés increase in popularity. I think that beautiful light pinkish color of this wine reminds us to relax and enjoy the summer.{{more}} With that in mind I went to the New England Beverage Company to see Michael Carleton, wine director. He is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable lover of wines. He told me that “Rosés are popular because they pair so easily with most any food, even steak.” Provence France is one of the largest producers of Rosé and the people are prolific drinkers of the wine.

This area uses herbs de provence when cooking chicken and fish and rosé pairs perfectly with these foods. Many think that the wine’s characteristic of “energizing or inspiring an appetite and quenching your thirst” is a must for any Rosé.

Michael recommended a few Rosés from the Loire and Provence in France, Campania in Italy, and Bodegas Olarra in Spain. I went to other liquor stores in Orange and found bottles from South Africa and Cotes Du Rhone in France. Then the fun part began. I chilled each and then tried them all and marveled at the differences and the wonderful way they paired with food.

VRAC, Provence France, $13. I had this bottle with friends eating a delicious spicy eggplant, shrimp and cashew stir-fry. This wine was the perfect match; cool, refreshing with a good bouquet and full flavor. “This was a perfect palate cleanser. It gets you ready for the next bite.” “The last sip was regret-no more wine!” Michael told me this wine comes in a box as well- equal to four bottled- easy to keep cool and fresh. $26.99.

ROSAENOVAE, Campania Italy, $17.99. This wine is 100 percent aglianico grape. The grape has been grown in Campania for thousands of years and is considered one of the noblest grapes in Italy. I had this with chicken, roasted with butter, garlic and thyme. Another perfect match. It held up well with chicken, melded into the corn, and complemented the salad. It was well balanced with a finish of red fruit flavor- a noble wine.

Reciente, Bodegas Olarra, Spain, $12.99. I liked this 100 percent tempranillo grape Rosé with food. I had a variety of sushi dishes and this wine complemented the food and cleansed the palate. That is what you want from a Rosé.

Rosé D‘ Anjou, Loire Valley, France, $12.99. This is the bottle that you have on your patio before the meal. It is an aromatic off-dry wine; light, smooth and slightly sweet. I had this with spicy nuts and cheese. It started my meal off beautifully.

Haute Cabriére, Unwooded Pinot Noir, South Africa, $14.99. I found this wine in a bin with other Rosés. It was much darker than the others and I like the pinot noir grape. I drank it with grilled chicken in a spicy green sauce. It was delicious firm, fruity with a rich smooth flavor. I researched it and found out it is known as the “red-white wine.”

I loved all these wines! Here are a few things I learned: Before serving take the bottle out of the refrigerator for 20-30 minutes so you can taste the flavors. Buy a bottle and save it for Thanksgiving. It goes well with poultry and matches well with greens and cranberries. Finally, find your favorite and save it for that cold, snowy day in February. Once you take a sip it will bring you back to that warm sunny day in August.

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