Hair’s To You: Alternatives to Hair Loss

I wish I had a dollar for the number of times in my career I have heard someone say, “I can always spot someone who is wearing a hairpiece.” {{more}}The fact is that many times when they are saying that, they are talking to someone who actually is wearing one. The days of bad hair replacements are a thing of the past. Today’s technology has made it possible for a man or women to enhance their appearance with a head of hair that is so natural it defies detection.

When our vision becomes impaired we get eye glasses, if we lose our teeth we replace them. The quest to look younger with cosmetic surgery has become quite the norm. In our society we value beauty and fitness, especially on a personal level. Our hair is one of the most predominant means of self-expression that we have. Long, short, shaved – the way we wear our hair personalizes who we our as individuals. So why the stigma of replacing ones hair?

Most hair loss is genetically predetermined from the day we are born. Added stress in our life, hormonal changes in our bodies may also contribute to premature hair loss. Many times this type of hair loss can be brought under control . Yes! it can be a very traumatic experience especially if one begins to lose their hair at a young age.

Early stages of baldness may be treated medically with good results . There is no magic potion available on the market that will give you a full head of hair. Medical options do come with side effects and should be discussed with your medical professional. Every case is different and there are different solutions for each individual. If you are experiencing hair loss and are concerned don’t wait until the last hair goes down the drain to seek help.

The idea that some hair replacement options work while others don’t is simply untrue. They all work differently and all have their advantages, just as everyone’s needs and desires are different. The stage of hair loss you have reached and your lifestyle play an important roll in deciding a hair loss alternative. It’s all a matter of what options are best suited to you and what will make you feel comfortable. A trained hair replacement professional can guide and inform you throughout the process of choosing an alternative to baldness.

Over the years I have experienced many positive changes in the hair replacement industry that make it possible for the average person to acquire and afford, hair restoration or replacement that was only once available to the very wealthy. I have worked with many hair artisans adding my input to the design of new hair systems and wigs. Working along side medical professionals I have seen the benefits that can be derived utilizing laser therapy to stimulate hair growth. Advancements in medical hair transplants and micro grafts are phenomenal. No one has to be bald anymore. You can lead an active life style with a completely natural looking head of hair. There are many safe and practical solutions from which to choose. Regardless of what you elect to do be well informed be for making any decisions .

Michael Raccio is a licensed Master Barber, Hairdresser and Cosmetologist, and Hair Replacement Specialist. Email him with your questions a