Amity Fills Empty Bowls, Electronic Cigarettes and More

The National Art Honor Society partnered with the Jamie Hulley Fund for the Arts and the Culinary Department to host an Empty Bowls fundraiser at Amity High School on April 3,,5:30 to 7:30 p.m.{{more}}

This event brought together the students and teachers of Amity as well as the surrounding community. The cost of admission was a $10 minimum donation and all profits from the night were donated to a local soup kitchen.

The bowls were made by students in the National Art Honor Society as well as by other students in the school. Each bowl made was very unique in color and shape. After you chose the bowl of your choice you then chose one of three types of soups. All of the soup and food provided was made by the culinary department here at Amity.

The night ended with great success with happy faces, hardly any bowls left, and a donation of about $1,200 going to the Downtown Soup Kitchen.



Electronic Cigarettes have been becoming increasingly popular at Amity High School and recently the school has started to crack down on the product. Although it works differently than an actual cigarette, it still falls under the tobacco category.

The “e-cigs,” as students call them, have been showing up more and more as regular cigarettes are disappearing from the school. This product is allowing students to ingest nicotine through water vapor as they then exhale water fumes.

According to Amity’s principal, Charles Britton, “It is entirely inappropriate for use in school.” Although the electronic cigarettes are a new fad, this trend will not be permitted in the school environment.

Dr. Britton said on average one student is caught every day with an electronic cigarette in the high school. If a student is found to be in possession of one, or using one in school or at a school event he or she will be disciplined.

In an effort to eliminate this problem at Amity, Britton is asking parents to talk to their children about the issue. This will assist school administrators in dealing with the electronic cigarettes.

Junior Prom

Amity juniors will be dressing up and looking their finest as they make their way to the new prom location on May 10. This is the first year in Amity history that the prom will be held off campus and it is looking to be a change for the better.

In past years Amity’s Junior Prom has always been held in the cafeteria at the high school, but this year the prom is going to be at Grassy Hill Country Club. Although this is a huge change from past proms, precautions will remain the same as if it were at school.

Breathalyzers will be given before students can enter, and an increased amount of security will insure the students’ safety. The junior class is looking forward to the switch and cannot wait for prom day to arrive.

Lauren is a senior at Amity High School.