Amity Girls’ Swim Team Has A Successful Regular Season

The Amity girls’ swimming team

swam to a second place finish in the

Southern Connecticut Conference

Championship tournament.

Cheshire finished first during the

SCC championships. The most outstanding

swimmer during the SCC

championships was Amity’s Dana


“I’m very pleased with the team

this season. I’ve been impressed with

how our girls have all pitched in and

contributed,” said James Todd Rainey,

who is the head swim coach. “It’s

been a total team effort all season and

the depth brought by having that kind

of attitude has been the biggest reason

for our success.”

“Our seniors have definitely provided

leadership and the younger girls

have picked up on their cues and progressed

a great deal,” added Rainey.

Coming out of the SCC meet,

Amity had All-SCC performances

from Madeline Snow, Olivia Smith,

Maggie Lasto, Megan Lasto, Jessica

Kochiss, along with swimmer of the

meet, Chung.

“These are the girls that we will be

looking to for leadership as we take a

team of 20 girls into the Class “LL”

Championships,” Rainey said.

During the regular season against

Daniel Hand High School, Amity had

“great performances” by Chung in the

200 Freestyle, Sydney Formica in the

50 Freestyle, Kiley Saxa in Diving

and Smith in the 100 Butterfly. All

turned in season best times, said


Against Sacred Heart, the girls

continued to lower their season best

times, Rainey said. Delivering this

time were Snow with victory in the

200 Freestyle, Lydia Pokluda in the

50 Freestyle, Kaitlin Merriam in Diving,

Brittany Smith in the 100 Butterfly,

Lauren Perrone in the 500

Freestyle, Katie Jensen in the 100

Backstroke, and Natalie Ambrosey in

the 100 Breaststroke.


Amity 94 West Haven 88

200 yard Medley Relay: Amity-

2:08.94 Amanda Hudson, Hannah

Flaherty, Sydney Formica, Jackie

Snow, 200 yard Freestyle: Amity-

2:25.29 Kate Alvarado, 50 yard

Freestyle: Amity-27.20 Hannah Babbitz,

Diving: Amity -152.95 Kiley

Saxa,100 yard Butterfly: Amity-

1:00.59 Hannah Flaherty, 500 yard

Freestyle: Amity 2:08.13 Bryn Borgognone,

Leanne D’Acounto,

Christina DiStefano, Olivia Falcigno

100 yard Backstroke: Amity-

1:11.48 Katie Jensen, 100 yard

Breaststroke: Amity-1:19.27 Melissa


Amity 99 Hand 81

200 yard Medley Relay: Amity-

2:00.12 Mollee Lasto, Megan Lasto,

Maggie Lasto, Liz Lubin, 200 yard

Freestyle: Amity- 1:59.99 Dana

Chung, 200 yard Individual Medley:

Amity-2:19.51 Megan Lasto, 50 yard

Freestyle: Amity-26.48 Maddie

Snow, Diving: Amity- 144.15 Kiley

Saxa, 100 yard Butterfly: Amity-

1:03.87 Olivia Smith, 100 yard

Freestyle: Amity-5:39.77 Megan

Lasto 200 yard Freestyle Relay:

Amity- 1:48.84 Sydney Formica,

Hannah Flaherty, Jess Kochiss, Dana

Chung, 100 yard Backstroke: Amity-

1:04.80 Maddie Snow, 100 yard


Amity 94 Sacred Heart 83

200 yard Medley Relay: Amity-

2:01.85 Maggie Lasto, Hannah Flaherty,

Kate Alvarado, Megan Lasto,

200 yard Freestyle: Amity- 1:59.37

Maddie Snow, 200 yard Individual

Medley: Amity-2:24.75 Kate Alvarado,

50 yard Freestyle: Amity-

26.79 Lydia Pokluda,Diving: Amity-

157.85 Kiley Saxa, 100 yard Butterfly:

Amity-1:05.88 Jess Kochiss, 100

yard Freestyle: Amity- 57.44 Maggie

Lasto, 500 yard Freestyle: Sacred

Heart- 5:18.58 Jamie Robinson, 200

yard Freestyle Relay: Amity-1:48.38

Brittany Smith, Sydney Formica,

Lydia Pokluda, Dana Chung, 100

yard Backstroke: Sacred Heart-

1:08.32 Helena Bui, 100 yard Breaststroke:

Sacred Heart- 1:22.42

MaryLuz Heidtman, 400 yard

Freestyle Relay: Sacred Heart-

4:03.20 Claire Anderson, Maddie

Fitzgerald, Helena Bui, Jamie Robinson.