Hair’s To You: Are Those Hair Myths True or False?

Throughout my hair styling career I have been asked many times about old wives tales and myths regarding ones hair. In this article are some that I would like to share with you and hopefully put them to rest.{{more}}

True or False – Plucking out one gray hair causes two more to grow in its place.

This is one of the oldest hair myths around. The number of hairs in each hair follicle is genetically predetermined. However, pulling out your hair on a regular basis can lead to root damage causing the hair not to grow at all.

True or False – Pulling hair taunt can cause bald spots.

Tight pony tails, braids, and hair extensions can put a lot of stress and tension on the scalp but they don’t necessarily cause bald spots to start appearing.

Long time styling in this fashion can cause a malady called traction alopecia. This can be avoided by alternating your hair style on a regular basis.

True or False – Hair gets use to one type of shampoo.

This is definitely a myth. There is nothing wrong with switching your shampoo and conditioner from time to time, especially if you want to moisturize your hair and scalp, add shine or treat dandruff.

True or False – Trimming you eyebrows can increase hair growth.

Why look like Andy Rooney. Trimming your eyebrows will definitely not stimulate hair growth. This and another myth that claims that shaving your head will make your hair grow back thicker is unfounded and untrue.

True or False – Growing hair long covers baldness.

When a man or women is loosing hair on the top of their head it is better to style the hair in a shorter layered fashion. This will give balance and symmetry to the cut. Hair will have more volume, will not matt down and visually draw less attention to the hair loss problem.

True or False – Split ends can be mended.

Many hair products claim that they can cure split ends but when put to the test they rarely do. You can greatly reduce the appearance of split ends by applying a silicone serum or beeswax. To eliminate them completely they must be cut off.

Michael Raccio is a licensed Master Barber, Hairdresser, Cosmetologist and Hair Replacement Specialist. Email him with your questions at