Burglaires On The Rise, Elderly Targeted

The Orange Police Dept. is investigating several distraction burglaries and suspicious activity involving people claiming to perform tree work. They target elderly residents by luring them to the back yard to discuss the property line and/or tree problems.{{more}} They explain that they either work for the “city” and are performing the work free of charge, or that their neighbors

are also having work done. Suspects/vehicles described as follows:

11/13/13… Veh was a newer model “very clean” utility van with no rear windows. Suspect #1 – W/M, short, “very thin,” dark hair and scruffy beard.

Suspect #2 – unknown male.

11/20/13…Veh was a white truck or van. Suspect #1 described as W/M, late 20’s, 5’7, “thin,” clean shaven with dark hair lured the victim from the home. Suspect #2 unseen committed the burglary. Jewelry stolen from master bedroom.

11/20/13…Veh was a newer model dark gray pickup truck (“bigger than an F150”) with no front license plate. Suspect #1 – W/M, in his 30’s, thin build, dark hair, wearing dark pants, windbreaker style jacket and a baseball hat. Suspect #2 – unspecified W/M (slouched down in truck).

We are asking residents to be extra vigilant when approached by people making these types of offers. There is no Town program of this sort. Residents should not hesitate to report any suspicious activity in their neighborhoods.