Room 911: Calling Dr. Phil!

The phone rang as I was just about to get into my car to see the Bickersons. I had collected my tape measure and my folder when I picked up the phone and heard the following:{{more}}

“Do you know why, do you want to really know why, I have so many shades of purple in my home,” queried the caller. “I’ll tell you why. Because my beloved father, may he rest in peace, always called me a princess. He said I was majestic, regal and that my blue eyes had a hint of purple in them. Just like the late Elizabeth Taylor, may she rest in peace.”

“Phyllis, it’s okay. Purple is a wonderful color. I am on my way over to your house to help you make some decisions on how many purples you need to add to the beauty of your house. You will have to make choices, but I’m sure you can do that”, I remarked.

When I arrived at Troublesome Road, Phyllis and Murray were sipping a purple Koolade, and she was wearing purple sandals and had adorned her eyelids in a shocking lavender shade.

Murray was the first to speak.

“Mrs. S., Phyllis and I had a heart to heart and now I understand why she loves the color purple so much. We’re both stuck because of our past. (Could this be a reality TV show? Where is Dr. Phil, when you need him!)

“My intent was not to be a couples’ therapist,” I said, “but to help you understand that people connect so many emotions to decorating. Either we have seen something in a magazine or someone else’s home or on television that makes us envision how we would like to live. Sometimes, we hated the furnishings of our parents or we wanted to replicate what we grew up with. Well, you can imagine that when you bring two people together they are bringing in different ideas and needs.” (Maybe I should be on a reality TV show – “Finding Your Inner Self Through Decorating and Design.”)

“Let me give you an honest evaluation of what is and what direction you should be thinking of in terms of restaging your house. There is nothing wrong with your Lionel Train Set , Murray, nor your miniature flag collection, sundials or menus from fancy restaurants. Phyllis, there is nothing wrong with your figurines, or the color purple, or the doll house but here’s the truth,” I continued,” there is either too much of it in one place or it is in the wrong place.”

“Are you ready for a transformation,” I remarked.

“I’m not sure,“ said Phyllis.

“You’re never sure”, retorted Murray.

“Don’t tell me what I am or you’ll be S O R R Y”,said Mrs.B.

“See you next week”, said I.

Tedra Schneider is the founder of reStage, a division of Tedra Associates, Inc. She has worked in residential/commercial interior decorating and design and can be reached with questions or comments through her website,