Candidates Chosen For November Elections

Milford residents won’t have many choices come November when it comes time to vote for mayor. Meanwhile, in Orange, voters will have three options for their town’s top position.

Photo By Rick Roberts. First Selectman James Zeoli won the Orange Republican Town Committee endorsement to seek his seventh term holding Orange’s top office. Zeoli is pictured here (back row, far left) with other members of the ORTC’s endorsed slate at a recent fundraising event.

In Milford, Benjamin Blake received the Democratic nomination to pursue his fourth term as mayor during their caucus on July 25. The Miford Republicans did not endorse a challenger.

However, the Orange Repub-licans once again endorsed incumbent James Zeoli, who is pursuing his seventh-term as Orange First Selectman.
The Orange Democratic Town Committee (ODTC) endorsed Margaret Novicki to challenge Zeoli.
Both of them will also have to contend with petition candidate Alex DeAngelo.
“We have a strong slate of candidates from diverse backgrounds. Many are new faces around town. New faces mean new ideas. With Margaret heading our slate, we are offering the voters of Orange an opportunity to bring a revitalized enthusiasm to Orange.
As the Charter Revision voter turn out shows, residents of Orange are disenfranchised. Our slate brings excitement and interest back to the town of Orange,” ODTC Chair Jody Dietch said.
Of the three, Zeoli has the most practical experience in municipal government and has been a lifelong resident of Orange.
Novicki returned to Orange in the last few years after a long and distinguished career in the United Nations, mostly with operations in Africa.
DeAngelo is a recent Southern Connecticut State University graduate and lifelong Orange resident. As the youngest of the candidates, DeAngelo has said he feels the Millennial generation deserves a voice.

Town & City Clerks

While Orange will be where the top seat battle happens, it isn’t where one will occur for Town Clerk. Patrick O’Sullivan will again run unopposed on the Democratic ticket.

Photo By Lexi Crocco
The Orange Democratic Town Committee endorsed Margaret Novicki (center with white shirt over salmon top) to lead their slate at the polls this coming November. Novicki, who is running for First Selectman, had a long and distinguished career with the United Nations.

Joanne Lasse Rohrig will seek a second full-term as the Milford City Clerk as the Republican candidate. Rohrig was originally appointed to the position in 2014 following the death of Linda Stock. The Democrats chose State Rep. Kim Rose to challenge Rohrig for the seat in November. Rose is currently serving her fourth term on the Connecticut General Assembly, a seat that wouldn’t be up for reelection until November of 2018.
“City Clerk Joanne Lasse Rohrig was nominated for a third term by Registrar Deb Fellenbaum and seconded by State Rep Pam Staneski. We look forward to having Joanne continue in her role as City Clerk. She has done an excellent job in the office. Her record speaks for itself,” said Matthew Gaynor.

Orange Board of Selectmen

The Orange Board of Selectmen race won’t see many new faces. The Republicans nominated their three sitting members for new terms: John J. Carandgelo, Ralph G. Okenquist and Judy Williams. Meanwhile, the Democrats nominated Mitchell R. Goldblatt and Paul Davis to keep their seats on the board. They also nominated Jen Alfaro.
Due to the nature of the Orange First Selectman and Board of Selectmen races; Zeoli, Novicki and DeAngelo could each find themselves serving on the general board instead of as First Selectman.

Milford Board of Aldermen

Milford Democrats renominated Ellen Beatty, Janet A. Golden, Frank Smith, Marty Hardiman, Phil Vetro, Nick Veccarelli Jr. and Bryan Anderson to the Board of Aldermen. New candidates for the BoA earning the Democratic endorsement are Nija Phelps, Tony Sutton, Dominic Cotton and Karen Fortunati.
Republican incumbents on the Board of Alderman who received an endorsement to run again are: Raymond Vitali, Anthony Giannattasio, Bill Bevan, Michael S Casey, Jeremy Grant and Dan German. They will be joined on the ticket by John Drapp III, James Tranquilli Jr., Tommy Rupich and Connie Gaynor.

Orange Plan and Zoning

Kevin Cornell (R) will find himself running to keep the seat on the Orange Town Plan and Zoning Commission that he was just appointed to. Cornell was assigned to take over Walter Clark IV’s vacated seat. He’ll be on the Republican ticket along with Oscar Parente. They’ll be running against Democratic candidates Mike Sodins and Matt Norko.

Milford Planning and Zoning

Milford’s Planning and Zoning Board contest will see six Democrats face-off against five Republicans. The Democrats nominated: Peg Kearney, Denise Doucette-Ginise, Jim Quish, Robert Satti, Dexter Sutton and Carl Moore.
The Milford Republicans nominated Peter Berube, Richard Goulart, Thomas Nichol, Rick Varrone and Edward Mead. Varrone made his political debut challenging Rose for the 118th District seat last November.

Orange Board of Education

The ORTC nominated Jeffery Cap, Christian Young and Kimberley Browe to retain their seats on the Orange Board of Education. For the Amity Board of Education, they named Thomas Hurley, Steven DeMaio and Shannan Carlson as their candidates.
The Democrats chose Mary Welander, Frank Renaldi and Charles Flynn for the Orange Board of Education. Their Amity Board picks were Carla Eichler, Mark Rawden and Ray Tuccio; along with John Gagel for a two-year term.

Milford Board of Education

The Milford Board of Education is one of the largest races in the 2018 election with a total of 20 candidates vying for seats.
The Republicans endorsed Win Smith, Katie Martino, Susan Krushinsky, Thomas Jagodzinski, Walter W. Hagedorn, John O’Connell, Scott Fremender, Mark Macchio, Frank Musante and William Farrell.
The Milford Democratic Town Committee endorsed Desi Tango, Ray Arnold, Susan Glennon, Jennifer Federico, Erin Pinsince, Warren Pawlowski, Craig Zentkovich, Rita Hennessey, Claire Casey and Adam DeYoung.

Orange Board of Finance

The ODTC endorsed PJ Shanley to continue on with the Board of Finance. He will run alongside Shirley Fiedler and Stu Crystal. Opposing them on the Republican side will be Joseph Nuzzo, Robert Bocek and Pat Romano.

Orange Tax Collector & Constables

Sandra Pierson (R) will seek to keep her position as the Orange Tax Collector. The ODTC endorsed Kristin Zanjani to try and win the position.
Whoever wins in November will need to work with the elected constables to collect delinquent taxes. The ODTC endorsed Bob Shanley, Randy Thomas, Santo Galatioto Jr. and Marianne Miller for constable positions. The ORTC endorsed Jeffrey Vargo, Michael Donadeo, Jody Daymon and Glenn Papelo.

Milford Constables

The Milford Democratic Town Committee endorsed Brendan Casey, Ted Boynton, Matthew Zancewicz and Linda Hardiman to run for constables. They’ll face Republican candidates Shirley A. Serrano, Thomas A. Miller, Patrick Tokarz and Steven T. Visconti.

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