Just Floored: Choosing The Best Flooring For Your Home Can be Done

Choosing the right flooring for your home can be a challenge due to the existing floors’ in your home.{{more}} I have found that most customers’ visit me trying to figure out what is the best transition from a kitchen floor with vinyl that leads into a family room or living room that is hardwood.

It is a challenge to make the rooms flow together. The first step would be to have a visual of the spaces involved to decide what flooring would look best.

Then you need to account for the proper flooring functionality.

The rule is to never try and match the existing floor but compliment it. The options for flooring are limitless today. You can choose from hardwood, bamboo, cork, laminate, stone, tile, vinyl tiles, linoleum, vinyl planks and carpet.

Whether you are renovating for a sale or just giving your home a lift, choosing the best flooring is your goal.

When you are working with a space that has wood surrounding it, the best alternative is to compliment it with a wood look by designing it on a different angle or using a different species of wood.

If budget is a factor and you can’t afford wood, go to a vinyl plank that looks like wood but is true to form. Compliment the colors and layout of the flooring installation.

When you are dealing with carpeting instead of hard surfaces, the proper type of carpeting is a big consideration.

If you have children and pets the best option would be a low pile saxony with multi colors as well as patterns or a knotted pile carpet with multi strands of colors.

Foyers also need the same consideration. A foyer is the first impression of your home and although it needs functionality you also want it to make a statement.

If you have children and pets you surely don’t want to use slippery surfaces. Marble that is honed, porcelain or a ceramic with a textured would be best in this area. You may also consider hardwood with a designed installation as well as an upscale vinyl. (Kardean Design Flooring).

Today there are so many choices in flooring for all functionality and practicality of the home. Manufacturers are designing flooring options to consider all these factors.

The best way to finalize your choice is to visit an educated flooring store. Bring all that you can to help in the selection process.

Know your budget and be sure you take home the samples to review in your own environment, for the best colors and textures to compliment your existing floors in your home.

Annamarie Amore is the owner of the Amore Interior Design Center. She can be reached at amoreinteriors@yahoo.com.