Civil Suit Brought Against Oregano Joe’s

A civil suit has been filed against Oregano Joe’s pizzeria in Orange following the May 19 hospitalization of a West Haven man for salmonella poisoning according to a lawsuit filed by Attorney Jose Rojas. The alleged victim contends he became violently ill after eating a pizza with chicken on it from the restaurant.


Kamran Niazi, of West Haven, is seeking damages in excess of $15,000 from OJPizzaOrange, LLC. In the suit filing he claims to have incurred medical expenses due to treatment for salmonella and “lengthy hospitalization.” According to Rojas, Niazi was admitted into the intensive care unit and hospitalized for five to six days.

Rojas said he believes the June 20 shutdown of the restaurant by the Orange Health Department is related to his client’s case. He could not say why the restaurant remained open for a month after Niazi’s illness but suggested there may have been a delay in disseminating data and information under mandatory reporter laws.

As part of the lawsuit, Rojas has subpoenaed Orange Town Sanitarian Brian Slugoski for information relating to the June 20 forced temporary closure. Slugoski has denied all requests for information relating to the Health Department’s investigation of Oregano Joe’s.

The restaurant has retained the services of Attorney Erin Golembiewski with the firm of Morrison Mahoney LLP. Golembiewski has not returned The Orange Times’ call.

Rojas said he had a conversation with Orange Town Attorney Vincent Marino and was told the town would file requests for protective and quash orders against the subpoena for Slugoski’s testimony.

Marino was unavailable for comment but the story will be updated if he or the town offer comment or confirm Rojas’ statement.

The Orange Times has also filed a Freedom of Information Act complaint against the Orange Health Department for failure to release information relating to closure.

Rojas confirmed that his client’s medical report specifically states salmonella poisoning.