Derby Ave. Site Brings Controversy

Preliminary plans for a 13,000 square foot winery tasting room at 393 Derby Road have been presented to the Town Plan and Zoning Department zoning officials said.{{more}}

In 2012 Stellato Realty LLC paid $800,000 for the property according to town records.

When the 10 acres was purchased plans were announced that a vineyard with a possible tasting room were planned.

This past year the property was clear-cut, adjacent property owner Bruce Lindsay said.

The submitted map shows buildings, parking for 164 vehicles, a gazebo, water fountain, windmill and a few grape vines surrounding the property.

“We don’t want anything resembling commercial business up here,” Lindsay said. He represents more than 50 neighbors in a quiet residential section of town.

“My backyard was woods and farmland now it is clear-cut,” he said.

“My neighbors and I moved here to raise a family. Our neighborhood alone has more than 35 kids. It’s quiet, kids ride their bikes, we have a block party every summer,” he said.

Lindsay said if the banquet hall gets approved it will dramatically change the landscape of the neighborhood.

“I will have a circus in my backyard every weekend for the rest of my life. But what bothers me the most this guy came in and said he wants to put a vineyard in. He clearly lied to everyone over a year ago,” Lindsay said.