Exclusive Newspaper in Orange? – There Isn’t One!

Another newspaper claiming to be Orange’s “exclusive” newspaper, is at the very least misleading to its readers and advertisers.

The Orange Times has been publishing since November. Both papers go to every Orange home and business.{{more}} The Orange Times is committed to giving all residents and businesses a voice in town.

The Orange Times has 25 local columnists who offer advice and counsel in areas they have expertise in based on their education, occupation and training. Our paper does not subscribe to syndicated columnists. We believe our readers and advertisers deserve better!

We are the first Orange newspaper to have a 24/7 website.


We thank Tim Riordan who wrote a letter in another publication referring to us as a “liberal” newspaper.

If Tim’s definition of being liberal means that this paper is open to people with all ideas – to the left, right and in the middle -we happily accept that mantle from the learned and respected gentleman.