Fallen Heroes Tourney, Exams and Upcoming Internships

AP exams

While many juniors and seniors were dressing up to look their finest for the prom, other students at Amity were studying hard for the upcoming Advance Placement (AP) exams.{{more}}

On Monday, May 6 AP exams began at Amity Regional High School. The annual exams test students’ knowledge in a certain subject. Some of the most popular AP exams that are being taken at Amity this year are Psychology and Environmental Science.

In order to take the exam the students had to register and pay the fee online using mypaymentsplus.com this year.

The tests are administered on a set day and time and students who choose to take the exam must be present for the exam they registered for.

If the student receives a certain score on the test they then may receive college credit that can be later transferred to the school of their choice.

Senior Internships

Though the school year is not over for students at Amity, for many seniors Friday, May 17 will be their last day of classes. On Monday, May 20 students from the 2013 graduating class will depart for their first day of internship.

This year over 150 seniors are taking part in the opportunity to spend their last few weeks of school experiencing an occupation of their choice and working alongside people in that field to get the hands-on experience.

During the internship seniors must complete 120 hours of work and are required to blog about their experiences.

In the past, students who have returned from an internship have spoken very highly of it and have expressed great regard about the program. Karen Waterman, internship coordinator, has no doubt that this year will be the same if not better.

She explained that having a school experience is much different than a work experience and that by taking part in internship students are able to experience the working world. “It is beneficial, to the point of almost mandatory,” said Waterman.

Golf Tournament

As the weather warms up, golfers will take to their putting positions at the Grassy Hill Country Club on Monday, May 20 to compete in the Fallen Heroes Foundation Golf Tournament.

The 3rd annual tournament is in honor of six Connecticut soliders who were killed in the line of action; one of them being Erik Soufine, an Amity graduate. Soufine enrolled in the army about one year after graduating Amity, and was killed in Afghanistan in June of 2011 shortly before he was scheduled to return home.

The golf tournament is a fundraiser to create a scholarship in memory of Soufine and will be given to an Amity senior who is interested in ROTC.

Two of Amity’s faculty, Alison Staak and Nancy Hughes Roy, have been collecting donations to go towards this scholarship. “I want to help honor the memory of this brave young man” said Staak.

Lauren is a senior at Amity High School