Gagne Commends Department On Granata Murder Response

Despite the shocking crime on Wild Rose Drive on July 24, Orange Police Chief Robert Gagne is happy with how the entire emergency services partnership held together.

“I am really proud of them all, from the civilian dispatchers to the officers responding to the scene. This was a really difficult and trying situation and everyone remained calm and collected throughout,” Gagne said.

There was blood on Timothy Granata’s clothes when officers approached him in response to the emergency call on July 24. The 22-year-old allegedly admitted to officers that he killed his mother, Claudia Granata, at their shared home on Wild Rose Drive.

“He did admit to the killing when officers confronted him,” Gagne said.

The State Medical Examiner ruled the cause of death as “blunt impact and sharp force injury of the head, torso and extremities” and ruled the death a homicide.

Orange officers recovered what they believe to be the weapons used in the murder but are not identifying them at this time.

The Orange Police Department received multiple emergency calls from occupants at the home and responded within minutes. Orange police said they believe one of the calls come from Timothy himself.

Granata was arraigned in Derby Superior Court on July 25 where he did not enter a plea. He is held on a $2 million bond and the case has been transfered to Part A Superior Court in Milford.

Gagne said when police found the mother’s body, she was unquestionably the victim of an “obvious homicide.”

Police said there were three children total living in the home.

“He (Timothy) did not struggle. He willingly succumbed to the arrest, very quickly,” Gagne said.

The suspect was found unarmed when officers arrived at 2:18 p.m., minutes after receiving the call from family members that a homicide had just occurred.

“We’re still trying to determine what led to this,” Gagne said.