Garden Club Flower Show – A Blue Ribbon Event

The Garden Club of Orange’s very own Flower Show, “Let’s Celebrate The Arts!” was held June 1, and was an outstanding success on all accounts.{{more}} To quote Connecticut Federation President, Jacqueline Connell, “The Flower Show was wonderful. It all added up to perfection: the fabulous designs aired with artwork, the luscious horticulture – the amazing educational exhibits, and a plant sale!”

Special congratulations to show chair, Lana Ho, for her inspiration and creativity. Lana noted, “The principals of design apply whether you are designing a floral arrangement, creating a sculpture, or using paints to express your creativity; hence the title of the show.” Designer Choice Awards went to Jeannette Hafner and Diana DeFillippo. Nettie Bartocetti earned the Artistic Craft Award, and the Aboreal Award went to both Nancy Becque and Linda Bradford. A total of 49 Blue Ribbons were awarded in Horticulture.

“Bats, Friends of the Garden” (my exhibit) scored over 95 points, and won The Educational Top Exhibitor Award. Sandy Horling and Diane Geary’s exhibit, “Humming Along With the Bees,” scored over 94 points and received The CT Judges Special Award. Terry Azoti’s display, “Ten Plants To Improve the Air Quality of Your Home” earned the CT Silver and Blue Award. In summation, the Orange Garden Club Flower Show was received so well by certified judges (from area garden clubs) that the show is now eligible for a National Garden Club Award. We will keep you posted.

The purpose of a flower show is to educate the public and stimulate your interest in horticulture, artistic design, and gardening. We hope we achieved not only that goal, but we also hope that we got people interested in joining the Garden Club of Orange. You will be amazed at what you will learn, and what an enjoyable experience it is. For further information, please contact our membership chair, Teresa Evangelista at 203-795-3195.

Marion Rizzo is the former president of the Garden Club of Orange.