Real Talk: House vs Condominium

The question of whether to purchase a small home or a condominium is coming up more and more lately. {{more}}It seems the buyers struggle with the maintenance issue vs. the privacy issue!

It boils down to this; do you want to spend your weekends gardening, cleaning gutters, painting the house, never mind budgeting for the winter and fall expenses brought on by snow and leaves? Or are you ready to meet new neighbors and find a place with people like yourselves.

If you are downsizing, chances are your children are grown and you do not have much in common with the young families on your street. By buying a condo, you get to relax and make new friends who are enjoying your same lifestyle!

Weekly card games and barbecues are very popular in the “adult communities.” I recently sold four units at a very large development within minutes of downtown New Haven.

Many of the owners there know each other from the Orange, Bethany and Woodbridge area and now are enjoying the pool, tennis and walking trails. It is not an age restricted community, and this diversity is very interesting.

With private decks and lots of space for the grandkids to come and visit, it appears that they are not regretting their decisions to downsize. Whether a first time homebuyer or “downsizer,” the variety of places to hang your hat are all over the place!

There are brand new large units in Milford and cluster homes in Hamden that are older and ready for your decorating skills.

Be sure to review the resale and condominium documents before you sign. They refer to renting out later on, or having a pet or having a young visitor stay long term if it is an “age restricted” development.

On the other hand, don’t get me wrong,, many “downsizing” clients are looking for small homes where they can make all their own decisions on exterior style, landscape and renovations to the property without consulting with a board of directors.

Beware of the “tired” looking condo developments. Usually that means they are ready for a long term assessment charge to change decks or siding or driveways.

Whether you have a home or a condo, you will still always have deferred maintenance. Start touring your options, look at the condo fee, check out the taxes and of course, most importantly, choose a location that is important to you.

As always, your caring guide to Home Selling! Barb.

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