Just Floored: How to Choose the Right Marble or Granite

When it comes to using either one of these stones in your interior design ideas, there are virtually limitless possibilities. Many people love the look of these stones in their kitchens, used for counter tops and evening dining tables and end tables for their living room. Maybe one section of the wall could be made out of this stone material. {{more}}

The bathroom and foyers are another great place to employ the use of this beautiful stone. This will add elegance and sophistication to your home. The possibilities that can be achieved by using this type of stone is virtually limitless and will be a great addition to your home.

I have found numerous vendors that supply marble and granite but my all time favorite is Marble Systems. They provide coordinating trims, bullnose, matching design patterns in the same stone. This helps in the installation process since you never know exactly what the design will be and what type of pieces you will need to complete the job. Everything always matches and you never need to supplement with other stone lines.

Stone flooring has long been considered the flooring material of choice for the privileged and elite. Think castles and palaces. But that is no longer the case. The technology today has helped make the labor intensive process much more affordable and that savings has been passed on to todays consumers. Since your home is not a castle, consider stone floors.

One of the advantages of stone is it’s very practical. It will always increase your home’s resale value. Unlike other types of flooring it will improve with age.

Consider the pro’s and con’s of granite, long considered one of the best stones to use in your home. The reasoning behind this lies with the fact that granite is scratch resistant, does not stain, chip or burn. These facts alone make this one of the most commonly used stones in today’s homes. They have great color to them and add a nice beauty to the surrounding area. The only bad side to granite is if you don’t go to the quarry to pick your slab, what you might see in a showroom will not be exactly what you receive for your final product.

With all stones you never know the exact grains, lines and colors until it is shipped from the quarry. Each dye lot is unique and has it’s own feel. Stone is not made by man so you get what you get.c

Consider the pro’s and con’s of marble. Unlike granite, marble is not scratch resistant, in fact is easy to scratch. Marble will also readily stain. If you’re using marble in your kitchen areas, be cautious, as marble is very easily burned. You will also want to keep an eye out on heat around your marble; so be sure not to leave heated objects such as pots and pans on it as it will begin to damage its allure. As for the pros to using marble versus other surfaces, there really aren’t any other than its its remarkable smoothness and mesmerizing beauty. Choose wisely and always remember to ask for a sample from the quarry so you know the exact color and grains of the product you have selected for your home design needs.

Annamarie Amore is the owner of the Amore Interior Design Center. She can be reached at amoreinteriors@yahoo.com.