It’s Your Election Be Sure To Vote

Election season is always a special time of year, no matter if you’re voting for the president or a local constable. It’s a sign that our democracy is alive and well, and that this country, despite its numerous problems, is still the greatest in the world.

To that end, it’s sad that less than 50 percent of the population even votes for president let alone local officials, who have a major say on your quality of life and of course the tax rate.{{more}}

We at The Orange Times encourage you to do just one thing on Election Day, and that is to simply vote. We don’t care if you vote Democratic, Republican or Independent. Just vote.

Every vote counts, it’s not a cliché it’s true. How many recounts are held because a race is decided by less than 30 votes? How many times have you not bothered to vote because you thought your candidate was a sure win only to lose by a handful of votes. There are no sure things in elections.

Some people have expressed to us they want to maintain the status quo, yet others say it’s time for a change and they want new faces with fresh ideas. Where do you stand? Vote for your position.

We take great pride in this special election issue we are bringing to every home and business in town. It has in-depth profiles on the first selectman race, and biographies on all the candidates. We thank the Democratic, Republican and Independent parties for ensuring all the biographies were filled out so you the voter can make an informed decision on each candidate.

Each Board of Selectmen candidate was asked not to exceed 300 words, and the under ticket candidates were allowed 150 words. Many choose far fewer words but that was their choice. Everyone was given the same guidelines to ensure a balanced presentation. We think it’s important for you to know this.

We also are not endorsing any candidates this election season. There’s no need to. We’ve provided you with the information on the candidates and you’ll decide on Election Day who you want to represent you and the residents of Orange. And most importantly, you don’t need us to tell you how to vote.

At least we’ve done our part to educate you on all the candidates and the positions they care about. The rest is up to you now. Have a great Election Day. Participate and vote.