Learning to Drive, High School Prom and Breakfast at Amity

Amity Seniors Dance the Night Away{{more}}

On Friday May 24 Amity Seniors dressed to impress and put on their dancing shoes for their prom at the Omni Hotel in New Haven. The Omni has been the location for senior prom the past few years and holds a good reputation for prom, and this year was no different.

As students arrived at 7:30 p.m. they were directed to check in. Following check in students were given breathalyzers and bags were searched for anything that was not appropriate for the school event. This year more than 250 students attended senior prom so it was important to insure everyone’s safety.

Once these routine tasks were complete students made their way into the main room that consisted of tables, food stations, a dance floor, and of course a disc jockey. Right away students were on the floor dancing and before long you could no longer see any empty space on it.

Overall students had a great time at the prom and seniors had an amazing night. According to senior Caitlin Nickerson “It was everything a little girl dreams her senior prom will be. If only it hadn’t rained!”

Amity Now Serves Breakfast

Amity announced that they will be serving breakfast on May 13. In the past the school has only served breakfast foods such as bagels and muffins, but now the switch has been made to also sell hot foods such as eggs, sausage, and French toast sticks.

However hot foods are not being the only new thing added to the breakfast menu, also with the warm breakfast favorites are yogurt, fruit, and granola parfaits. Students are able to choose between vanilla or strawberry yogurt and then choose different fruits and granola to go in it. This allows students to have a healthier option for breakfast.

Immediately students took advantage of the option of buying breakfast from school. Many students do not have time to eat early in the morning before leaving for school and often do not have the chance to eat breakfast. Now with the new breakfast option students are able to choose from a variety of different foods to start off their day right.

Safe Driving


On Thursday May 16, the juniors and seniors of Amity saw a presentation on driving safety. In past years it has been a tradition to bring in a speaker to talk about the touchy subject, but this year was much different than others.

Ray Raw and Lynn Riordan were brought in to speak about losing their children in driving accidents. Both had very emotional stories to tell and touched many students there. “Just think of the impact of putting alcohol in your system,” Raw said after explaining that his daughter died because of drunk driving.

Following Raw, Riordan spoke about losing her son Mathew due to speeding and about the “No Need to Speed” campaign she started shortly after his death. Though Raw and Riordan lost their children because of different causes both spoke in hopes of preventing it from happening to any student at Amity.

Lauren is a senior at Amity High School