Just Floored: Let’s Talk About Glass Mosaic Tiles

If unique is the most important word to use to describe your new floor, kitchen backsplash or bathroom wall, then look no further than using glass mosiac tiles. {{more}}The industry has moved ahead of the curve on this product line. Glass mosaics are offered in a variety of materials and shapes and in a thousand rainbows of color.

Installation is almost as art, so you’ll want to make sure the installer is qualified and knows what they are doing. You can create innumerable designs and patterns to define a truly unique look that has your signature.

Let your imagination run wild for your design or use one of the manufacturer’s recommended patterns. Their catalogs and websites showcase their products on how to install different designs and layouts. If you have a space that needs the touch of glamour and almost over the top beauty, then this product line is for you.

Most mosaic patterns in glass tile are a combination of mosaic marble pieces with metals, glass, pewter and stone. I know the choices can be overwhelming but a trained sales person or designer can assist you in the selections. I have been known for my creativity with using glass mosaic tile in my photo shoots for “Anna’s Creations” clothing made of glass mosaic tile, the possiblities are endless.

Annamarie Amore is the owner of the Amore Interior Design Center. She can be reached at amoreinteriors@yahoo.com.