Locally Running: Make Running Part Of Your Program

Having completed the New York Marathon on Nov. 3, I was looking forward to the year winding down. The last mile was amazing, as they dedicated it to the Boston Marathon with the route in Central Park painted in Blue and Yellow for the Boston colors. Every finish line, whether a one mile walk or a 26.2 mile run has its own sense of accomplishment!

For those who joined me for the first Turkey Trot (that means you can join next year if you did not make it), my hat is off to you. It was a 2 mile walk and a 5k run, which provided something for every one. The day was a bit cold and windy, but 450 “champions” attended! Many were families starting an annual tradition. If you missed this one, there is the true challenge of rising up on New Years day and joining the Chili Run now named after” Doc Whitney.”

Keeping an exercise schedule is hard enough, but throw in parties, shopping, food preparation, out of town guests, and other holiday craziness, it may seem near impossible to find time for a brisk walk or a short run.

Remind yourself as part of your schedule to get out. If it is part of a planned schedule you have a better chance of meeting the commitment to take care of you. It is so important in these times that can be so consuming.

Don’t let the cold weather be an excuse. The crisp cold air is refreshing, energizing and gives your mind and body time to regroup. Be prepared with the proper clothes and cover your head.

If the weather is not cooperating be prepared to do some activities at home. Crunches, walking up and down stairs, many exercises can be done without gym equipment. Dance to some up beat music ….even more fun and you don’t need a partner.

Change up your schedule. If you have a party at night, go for a brisk walk in the morning a great way to start the day! Be flexible about time and distance. A short walk or run is better then skipping it. Don’t miss because you don’t have time for what you originally had planned. At times I find one or two shorter walk/runs are even more enjoyable.{{more}}

If you are staying with relatives and concerned about being selfish or rude by getting out for a walk/run, ask them to join you. Even if you shorten your distance or slow your pace, it is a great way to share time and memories away from all the busyness that can consume quality time with family and friends.

And do try a holiday race. Try the Doc’s Race…what a great way to start the New Year and keep you motivated to stay in shape thru the holiday madness.

Taking time for you will keep you refreshed, re energized and make for a “merrier “holiday!