One Year Later He Still Loves His Job!

Next week on Sept. 27, Asst. Police Chief Anthony Cuozzo will be celebrating his first year in his position as No. 2 in the Orange Police Department.

The Orange Times caught up with Cuozzo and Police Chief Robert Gagne to see how the first year has gone.{{more}}

By all accounts the time has passed quickly.

“It’s been a really terrific year. Everyone has been supported; from the custodians to the civilian staff,” Cuozzo said.

Cuozzo has been with the department for 22 years.

“Tony has acclimated himself to his new position very well,” Gagne said.

“One thing you learn quickly is this job is 24/7,” Cuozzo said with a smile.

He has had his share of calls in the middle of the night but he said the calls were reasonable.

On day three of his new job he caught a robber.

“I was born and raised in town and I am out and about. There are things I see that a patrolman might see differently,” Cuozzo said of his luck in being at the right place at the right time.

“I love coming to work. I know I will learn something every day and hopefully leave a piece behind,” he said.

“When I was first promoted I set goals, benchmarks to reach, things I wanted to learn,” Cuozzo said.

The biggest was technology to move the department forward.

Part of that software is to automate scheduling. Right now everything is in a notebook and the new software program will allow everyone to access it through a web portal. It should be fully implemented in January Cuozzo said.

Since Cuozzo was a sergeant he has been in charge of information technology for the department. After becoming assistant chief Sgt. Chiarelli and Lt. Martins have come on board to assist Cuozzo.

Cuozzo is mentoring the two to fill his shoes.

“We make a practice of mentoring right down to our field training officers. When you become a sergeant there is a lot to learn,” Gagne said.

Cuozzo said Gagne has been a good teacher.

“The chief has been a good mentor having served as Asst. Chief 03-06,” Cuozzo said.

“To the chief’s credit, he has included me in the decisions-making and treats me as if I have a vote,” Cuozzo said.

“Tony is a quick learner,” Gagne said.

Cuozzo credits his wife Antonietta for where he is today

“I quit college to become a police officer. Ever since we’ve been married she has been unwavering in her support. The crazy hours and all that. She has never put up roadblocks,” he said.