Orange Government Access Television Now Available On AT&T U-Verse

Orange Government Access Television, which has been cablecasting town of Orange meetings and special events to Cablevision subscribers since 1999, can now be viewed on the AT&T U-Verse service. {{more}} U-Verse subscribers can watch OGAT by tuning to channel 99 and then selecting OGAT from the list of available programs.

Cablevision subscribers can continue to view OGAT on channel 79.

For those without Cablevision or AT&T U-Verse service, current OGAT programming can be viewed on the internet via video streaming and Video on Demand. The video streaming service allows anyone with internet access to view whatever OGAT is currently broadcasting. With VOD, viewers can watch older OGAT programs that were previously cablecast/webcast. In addition, the VOD service allows viewers to quickly go to any point in the program by using the slider at the bottom of the screen.

To watch either OGAT live streaming or VOD go to the Town of Orange website at: and click on the appropriate link: OGAT LIVE for the stream of what is currently being shown on OGAT or OGAT VIDEO ON DEMAND for the VOD programs.

If you prefer to put the actual URLs into your browser, they are: