Orange is Back to School

Superintendent of Schools Lynn McMullin recently sat down with The Orange Times to fill students and their parents in on what to expect when school resumes Sept.3. {{more}}

McMullin said one of the most noticeable changes will be the school guards stationed at each of the schools full time.

McMullin said they will monitor daily from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

“These are really great people helping at doors. Each school uses the monitors in different ways. They are costing a little but they are an extra set of eyes,” she said.

Another new addition is the video camera at each school entrance. Visitors will be asked to show their driver’s license: this also gives security a chance to make an assessment. The camera scans the license into a computer base.

School Gate Guardian software makes a record of the license. The program will be able to alert staff if there are any custody issues or who is allowed to pick up a student.

Surveillance cameras have been erected on the exterior of buildings and interior common areas. McMullin said they are not inside classromms as that would be an invasion of privacy.

The cameras will also assist law enforcement with crimes committed on school property.

Video cameras will assist emergency responders and investigations on school property.

McMullin said sally port construction will begin shortly after school starts.

At Peck Place School McMullin said moisture issues were under control. All classrooms and carpets have been cleaned. McMullin said the problem has to do with insulation that was added to the ceilings. She said that will be addressed when the new roof is constructed.

Drainage on the right side of building and vegetation was also cut back around the school building.

“The building needs to breathe,” McMullin said.

Air quality tests are being monitored McMullin said.

At Turkey Hill School the playground has seen a makeover.

New rubberized material (containing no chemicals) and 18 inches of woodchips have been installed.

PowerSchool software is up and running, Parents can now access students records, make payments using a secure site with PayPal or a bank card. Lunches can now be paid this way and parents can view what their child has purchased.

The new state mandated teacher and administrative evaluation process has been completed.

“This was a lot of work including data for the state but we are ready to utilize it,” McMullin said.