Past Lives Fact or Fantasy?

Have you ever wondered if you have lived before? The fascination with reincarnation is not new. It is alluded to in the Old Testament and is the basic belief of many cultures and religions. If you believe in God, then you could conclude that anything is possible.{{more}}

My Mother introduced me to Brian Weiss through his book, Many Lives, Many Masters and it is a must read if you are curious about the existence of past lives.

As a hypnotist, the use of past life regression therapy is very effective. My experience has been that when a client is regressed they are able to eliminate irrational fears and phobias that have plagued them their whole life. They understand and eliminate the need to be fat or to resolve issues that have been bothering them for a long time. A colleague of mine has used regression therapy to cure asthma. He has found that people who suffer from asthma have previously died of asphyxiation in former lives. By accessing those lives, asthma is alleviated.

There are hypnotists who don’t believe in past lives but they use it because the therapeutic value is the same whether or not they believe. Not all regression therapy involves past lives, because the cause of the problem stems from a childhood experience and is resolved with regression therapy. Children are vulnerable and are easily frightened by hearing mom and dad fighting or yelling, by scary movies or things they hear that they don’t understand. This fear stays with them and creates anxiety later in life that grows with every trigger of another scary experience.

One client came to me at the age of 50 because he had a fear of heights and a fear of death that was causing him to abuse alcohol just to relax. With hypnosis, I was able to determine that when he was 6 months old, he was very sick and his parents were afraid he would die. Once that was resolved, the lifelong fear of dyingwas gone. His fear of heights, however, brought him spontaneously, in hypnosis, to a time when he was climbing the Alps, wearing a plaid skirt, hat and suspenders. When he came out of hypnosis, with no more fears, his first question was, “what was that, why was I wearing a skirt? I have never been to the Alps.” I told him it could be a past life experience but it didn’t matter because it cured his fears and eliminated his need to drink.

A woman came to me with 100 lbs. to lose and diets didn’t work. When regressed with hypnosis she had starved to death in a former life and stayed fat to protect her from starving in this lifetime. I helped her realize she would not starve to death in this life time and she proceeded to lose 80 lbs. The unconscious mind is very powerful and protects us from danger, real or imagined!

It is also common for a person who has been sexually abused as a child to become fat to unconsciously prevent themselves from being attractive, protecting them from being molested again.

Whether or not you believe in past lives, try suspending your disbelief long enough to resolve those lifelong issues that have kept you from living your best life.

Fern is a certified hypnotist, life coach and health educator. She can be reached at 203-283-4567.