PRIME 16 and My Tastings with Marc

In my last column I wrote about my meeting with Marc Signore, craft beer manager at Prime 16. During our conversation he told me that special glasses are used with different beers: tulip shaped for fruity tastes, pints for the lagers and snifters for barrel aged beers. The staff gets information daily about all the 30 beers on tap. {{more}}

They can recommend beer and food pairings, talk about different tastes and flavors of the beers and will even give you a sample of the beer before you choose one. In addition, you can order a flight of beer; four different beers, three ounces each for $9.

I was so impressed with Marc that I went to the restaurant to see this in action. It was just as he said. The wait staff was knowledgeable about all the beers, offered samples before ordering, and made great recommendations for taste or food paring.

The food was good and the beer was excellent. I sampled a number of beers with Marc and on my own. All were good and some were exceptional.


Marc offered me a diverse selection of beers. All were different, some unique, and others delicious.

Flower Power, Ithaca NY. This was light and delicate with a flowery hops taste. Great for the summer.

Dogfish Head, Delaware. An unbelievable beer made from an ancient Egyptian recipe. It was herbaceous and spicy. I could taste the cinnamon in every swallow.

Crčme Brule, Lakewood NY. This beer is brewed with whole vanilla beans. It is an imperial stout so it is dark and heavy. It has the sweet smell of the dessert. The taste is creamy, sweet, and buttery with a gentle bite at the end.

Perle ai Porci (Pearl of the Pig) DelBorgo, Italy. Clam and oyster shells are used in the brewing process to create a slight fishy flavor. When I tasted the beer it was smooth and light with a not unpleasant salty end.

Saison Dupont, Belgium. This is a classic Belgian saison fruity, spicy and delicious.

I recently returned to Prime 16 with three friends. We each had something different to eat and drink.

I remembered Marc’s words “Beer should compliment or contrast with the food we are eating.” I had the mushroom burger with the Smuttynose Farmhouse Ale. It was a saison style beer with that herb flavor and smooth taste. It complimented the burger and the flavors of both were enhanced.

My one friend had the fried pickles and ordered a Peche Draft. This beer contrasted nicely with the pickles. One was salty and the other had a sweet peach flavor. She really liked them both.

My other two friends both had the Brooklyn Sorachi Ace. It had a deep caramel color with a clean malt flavor. Each had full flavored burgers that were complimented by the beer.

To end the evening everyone wanted dessert. Of course we had to have the Crčme Brule. This was a rich liquid dessert and no one needed a spoon.

By the time we left, there was no food left on any plates or beer in any glasses.

I had a wonderful time at Prime 16 trying new beers and enjoying the food. I know I will be there again. I’ll see you there.

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