Print Schedule

2018 Print Schedule

Publication dates are the expected date the edition will arrive in homes via United States Postal Service. Some readers may receive their copy earlier, or later, than the expected date. A PDF of the print edition will usually be available online by the Tuesday preceding the listed publication date.

Deadlines listed are for press releases, submitted columns, ad contracts and materials for typesetting. Extensions and exceptions can be made on a per case basis. Ad submission deadlines are two days prior to publication dates.

Volume 7

Issue 1

Publication: jan. 31
submission Deadline: jan. 22

Issue 2

Publication: feb. 22
submission Deadline: feb. 12

Issue 3

Publication: march 15
submission Deadline: march 5

Issue 4

Publication: april 12
submission Deadline: april 2

Issue 5

Publication: may 3
submission Deadline: april 23

Issue 6

Publication: may 24
submission Deadline: may 14

Future Dates To Be Determined