Selectmen Approve Phase 1 Asbestos Abatement At Peck Place School

The Board of Selectmen approved Phase 1 of the asbestos abatement work needed at Peck Place School last Wednesday. In a unanimous vote $88,754 was recommended to the Board of Finance First Selectman Jim Zeoli said. {{more}}

Board of Education Business Manager Kevin McNabola said that amount will cover the immediate needs at the school for areas impacted by water damage.

Phase 2 and Phase 3, which would completely abate the school of asbestos, would total about $350,000 according to discussion at the Board of Selectmen’s meeting.

The Board tabled voting on those phases saying they wanted additional information and are expected to hold a special meeting in the near future.

McNabola said he expects to bring the Board of Education’s environmental engineer to that meeting to answer any questions that arise.

The BOE is utilizing Facility Support Services of Hamden McNabola said.

McNabola said he had received nearly a dozen bids for the abatement work.

On Jan. 6 several water pipes broke due to the freezing temperatures at Peck Place School.

The entire school was flooded and as students arrived they were taken to Mary L. Tracy School for a few hours.

For the next several weeks students and teachers were split between Race Brook and Turkey Hill schools while an office building at the Yale University West Haven campus was converted into a elementary school. Peck Place School students will finish out their school year there.

The work that is currently going on (Phase 1) is abatement due specifically to the water damage that the first selectman authorized.

Phase 2 and Phase 3 will completely abate the school and replace materials related to the abatement such as new flooring for the asbestos tiles removed McNabola said.