Slossberg Honors Veterans

MILFORD, CT – Over one hundred veterans who served in the armed forces during wars ranging from World War II to the Vietnam War and the post-9/11 conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq were presented the Connecticut Veterans Wartime Service Medal today at an event hosted by Senator Gayle Slossberg (D-Milford). Senator Slossberg organized the event to recognize Connecticut’s veterans for their service in the armed forces. Commissioner of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Sean Connolly was in attendance to present medals, as was Milford Mayor Ben Blake.


Photos of veterans who received a medal at the ceremony are being posted to Senator Slossberg’s website, accessible at Veterans and their families are welcome to download the photos for personal use.

“Our freedom is not free. It has been earned through the sacrifice of our brave veterans, many of whom we honored today,” said Senator Slossberg. “These medals represent our gratitude to all those who heard the call and stood up for their country. It was an honor to make this small tribute to them today, but nothing we do can be enough to equal everything our veterans have done for us.”

Prior to 2005, the state of Connecticut had not honored its veterans with a wartime service medal since World War I. Senator Slossberg changed that in 2005 by creating the Connecticut Veterans Wartime Service Medal during her time as Senate Chair of the then-new Committee on Veterans’ Affairs.

Any person who served in the armed forces during a time of war and was a Connecticut resident at the time, or currently lives in Connecticut, is eligible for the award. Many veterans from the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq received the medal as part of their discharge packets, but many veterans who served prior to 2005 are unaware of the medal’s existence. Any veteran who believes they may be eligible for the medal may contact Senator Slossberg’s office at 860-240-0482.