Spring Wine and Spirits Offer Fantastic Flavor For the Season

I like to go shopping; to see what’s available, what’s new or different and even to compare costs. I find liquor stores to be just like any other store. Each has something special or unique to offer. {{more}}So I will be on a mission to review each of the five liquor stores in town. Each owner will identify some of their favorite wines, beers, and spirits to try. I will see the way they organize their stores and meet the people involved in the selections. I hope as you read the column and become familiar with each store you might take advantage of the selections the store offers and enjoy the shopping. I will too and at times comment on the products they offer.

The five liquor stores are Racebrook Wine & Liquor World, Wine & Liquor Outlet, New England Beverage Company, Discount Wine & Liquor, and Orange Wine & Spirit. Just as their names are different so is each store. This month will feature Racebrook Wine & Liquor.

I recently met with Tom Smith owner of Racebrook Wine & Liquor at his 12,000 square foot store at 302 Racebrook Road. This is a family run business with Tom’s four sons working with him. There are tastings every Friday and Saturday with a beer, wine or spirit selection. The store is easy to navigate with identified areas devoted to beer, spirits and all types of wine and liquor. As Tom has said, “We like to first give people space to explore. If they seem to need help then we will approach them.” I have often asked Tom to recommend wines for food that I am preparing. He has given me a variety of choices and each has worked well with the meal. I also talked to Tom’s sons about beer and spirits, they too gave me great suggestions.

Here are a few spring selections from Tom and family:

Stony Creek Brewery India Pale Ale 203/860 – $9.29/6pack

The 203 & 860 are American pale ales made in Connecticut. The 203 is light in color with smooth citrus flavors. The 860 is darker with a blend of citrus hops and malt flavor. I tried this beer with sushi. The beer was full bodied and stood up to the sweet fish and rice. It was delicious. (Tip I put a rim of salt around the glass and then pour the beer.YUM)

Domaine de L’Olivier Chardonnay – $7.99

This is a fresh, clean and fruity chardonnay. You can smell and taste hints of pineapple. Recommended foods pairings are chicken, seafood, fusion cuisine and mild cheese. I tried this with cold shrimp and goat cheese. Both were enhanced by this smooth and well balanced wine. It is a delicious wine that drinks better than its price.

Alliance Loire Vouvray – $11.99

This is a well balanced ripe and fruity wine. It goes well with ham, chicken and seafood. This was my favorite bottle. I had Meyer lemon pasta with parmesan cheese and this wine was crisp and fruity. It complimented the meal.

Sauska Rose – 14.99

This is a top selection. It is a fresh wine with light acidity and fruit flavor especially strawberry. Tom recommends eating it with seafood, ham, spicy foods and even beef roasts. I like the deep rosy blush of this wine.

Macaron Prosecco – $12.99

Fresh aroma of white peach with long lasting delicate bubbles make this a very drinkable wine. It is good with mild cheeses and rich scampi. I had this with a spicy chicken dish and you could still taste the peach. It is not too sweet and has a wonderful balance so you can enjoy the flavors.

Try any of these selections or just visit the store. Go shopping.

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