Status Report for the $5 Million Town of Orange Road Improvement Project

Robert J. Hiza, Town Engineer for

Orange, CT, released the following status report for road improvement

projects in town:

In March 2013, a bond issuance of

$15,427,000 for various Town capital improvements was approved that

specifically included $5,000,000 for road improvement projects.


Lambert Road (2.4 miles ) was the first

road to be paved in the fall of 2013 at a cost of $477,471.00.

During June 2014, the following roads

were paved: (the length and cost of each job shown) Indian River

Road (0.95 miles) $209,640.00; Prindle Hill Road (0.37 miles)

$108,545.00; first portion of Old Tavern Road (0.42 miles)

$125,601.00; Dogburn Lane (0.98 miles) $231,878.00; Wheelers Farm

Road (1.75 miles) $329,132.00, Robinson Boulevard (0.27 miles)

$56,157.00; Marsh Hill Road (short repair 0.13 miles) $27,674.00.

Derby-Milford Road between Grassy Hill

Road and the driveway to University of New Haven was “rehabilitated”

by pulverizing the existing pavement and blending the material with

the subbase gravel, then grading, compacting and paving; a process

that for certain roads results in a “rebuilt” road. All the

other roads were milled and paved, a process that mills off 1 1/2″

of deteriorated asphalt and repaves with 1 1/2″ of hot mix.

The section of Derby-Milford Road (0.60

miles) between University of New Haven and Turkey Hill Road was not

included in the current paving program. Complete reconstruction will

be required to improve the road width, alignment, gradient, and storm

water drainage. This section of Derby-Milford Road is a primary

access to the University of New Haven campus. University of New

Haven is presently negotiating with Southern CT Gas Company to extend

a gas main to the campus by way of Turkey Hill Road, and the section

of Derby-Milford Road to be reconstructed. The Regional Water

Authority will also be extending their water main in this section of

road to provide a secondary source to the campus. A “joint venture”

should result in a coordination of all three (3) activities without

the need of tearing up new pavement or placing temporary pavement.

The estimated cost of road construction

for this section of Derby-Milford Road

is $1,500,000 and is on a priority

list for State of Connecticut funding under the Local Capital

Improvement Program for Fiscal Year 2016. Design has begun.

A portion of the original $5,000,000

was also used for the drainage improvements, center line striping and

$281,115.00 for Edison Road.

An uncommitted balance of approximately

$2,500,000 will be available for planned paving and road improvement

projects in the spring of 2015. Town roads classified as “minor

arterial”, which are pot holed and heavily traveled, generally

receive first consideration.