Real Talk: Stepping Down in Size

There comes a time when the home is too large for the family in it and the thought of “thinning out” the furnishings becomes more of a chore to think about than a possibility.{{more}}

We all know someone in this position, someone who feels a bit overwhelmed with the idea of this process. There are so many people ready to assist you!

For example, the real estate agent is not just a person ready to put the sign up, they come ready for these questions, they know what it is all about.

With a huge list of resources to consult on preparation for everything from tag sales, garage clean outs and repairs, the plan can be more painless than you think! Bringing books to the library, donating clothing and getting stuff boxed up for the grandchildren can all be done with many helping hands and coordination.

The most important part of this stepping stone to downsizing is the emotional support and research to find the right place to downsize to. I recently spent the day taking my family member to visit adult communities.

I was pleased to see the diversity among the different developments, but they all had one thing in common – new friendships and good times with their peers.

Most people, like my own mother in law, are still very independent and active. These adult communities offer plenty of action, like a resort, where you have the option to participate or have the choice for quiet time for yourself.

It raises the question, am I ready to leave the old homestead? Do I see my friends buying condos in age restricted developments or renting apartments in adult communities where you have no headaches of maintenance for those eight big rooms, when you only need two or three?

So, we planted a seed in Mom’s head, had a great tour with a lot of laughs. Surprisingly, she ran into a lot of old friends already living in these beautiful communities.

I will advise you that if you are living in a home that is too large, start small.

Just get an opinion of price, a walk around the building with someone who can look for possible repairs to keep the property in shape and think to the future.

Baby steps, but steps; have the septic pumped and checked if you have not in a few years and the well water checked for your own sake. Yes, these kinds of phone calls and appointments will remind you as to why you should downsize!

As always, your caring guide to Home Selling! Barb.

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