Sweeney Todd, Schedule Changes and Diversity Speaker

Hi everyone. My name is Lauren Ide, and I am a senior at Amity High School. I am currently a journalism student as well as a member of the Amity’s Reel News and broadcast journalism class.{{more}} I also was one of 250 students from across the country who attended the National Journalism and Media Conference in Washington DC last summer. I look forward to sharing with you the inside details and events at my school as the Eyes of Amity.

The Controversy of Sweeny Todd

A protest over Amity’s production of “Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street” took place after four people blogged about their feelings toward the spring musical. The meeting to discuss the concerns about the show took place on Monday, March 11 between the Board of Education and the protestors.

Protesters said the musical was too violent for the high school level because of scenes containing rape, murder, and cannibalism. They then began relating the play to the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, which occurred this past December.

Due to this comparison, the situation received national attention and a story was published in the New York Times. People from all over the country began sending in their opinions though most gave support for the show to go on.

“People are entitled to their opinions,” said Robert Kennedy, director of the production. Although the protest’s timing was poor because the show is just a week away, Kennedy said that he was surprised by the way the meeting turned out and that the show was never going to be canceled.

Switching Up the


Amity’s schedule for the 2013-2014 school year is going to be seeing some changes. Due to the many days missed this year because of Hurricane Sandy, Blizzard Nemo, and other snow days, the Board of Education decided to re-evaluate next year’s schedule.

This includes some major changes, such as starting the school year after Labor Day and shortening the February break to just a three day weekend. These changes will allow for school to end much sooner, possible as early as June 13.

Although this is a significant switch for Amity, the new schedule should be very beneficial and accommodates for possible days off due to wintery weather, howling hurricanes, and anything else in between.

Dr. Michael Fowlin Speaks at Amity

Dr. Michael Fowlin, a poet, psychologist, and actor; came to Amity High School on March 25. Fowlin was invited to the school by the Black Student Organization with the intent to spread the word about diversity. The presentation included a mixture of acting and awareness that was directed to students as well as teachers.

“We are all different, so why do we hate different people?” said Fowlin. Through his presentation Fowlin talked about situations involving race, discrimination, violence, and personality identity.

Fowlin continued to discuss the importance of diversity and why it is so imperative to be open to everyone whether they are very similar to you or different. Through each character he acted out, the audience was able to see different stereo types and how they may feel.

He ended the presentation by explaining that everyone is beautiful and that if you just open yourself up to others you may have a large impact on them. “You never know whose day you can be making, or life you can be saving,” said Fowlin.