The Final Store, Suds on the Way

Discount Wine & Liquor

This is the fifth and final liquor store in Orange. It is located on the borders of Orange and West Haven in the Town Fair Plaza at 65 Boston Post Road with convenient parking in the plaza.{{more}} The owners are Haris and Lucia Kamenidis. Store hours are Monday to Saturday 10 9 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The layout of the store is definitely consumer friendly. The side walls are filled with liquors, especially flavored vodkas and tequilas. On the lowest shelf are many different mixers. The front of the store carries a variety of pints, nips and cold juices, while across the back of the store are refrigerators for beers, and iced wine coolers. The middle of the store carries many types of wines commonly grouped for ease of comparison shopping. The owners know their products and can help you find anything. They pride themselves on providing good customer service that satisfies each patron.

The owners have recommended three products from their store. I have not tried these items but the owners have given me favorable descriptions of each item.

Neirano Pitule Moscato-$9.99 This Italian sparkling sweet wine (D’Asti) has a soft and fruity taste. It can be drunk alone as a dessert wine or with light foods.

Antigal Uno Malbec-$14.99 This is a full bodied red wine with smooth tastes of wild berry and dark plum. It is a good companion for steak or meat dishes.

Sauza Sparkling Margarita-$12.99 the margaritas come in wild berry, mango, peach, and apple. All that is needed is a shake of the bottle and ice in the glass. Pour and enjoy.

Reader Comments

As I requested in my last column I heard from several readers about their favorite beers.

Sue: “I drink Bud Select 55. It tastes fresh and light. Because it is low in calories as well as alcohol I can drink it for the entire evening and still drive home.”

Rachel says Sam’s Summer is her favorite. “It is light and refreshing with a citrus flavor.”

Margie tried Bud Platinum. She thought it had a sweet flavor and smooth texture. She liked it more than Bud Light.

Dan, a beer maker as well as a beer lover, gave me a few selections. Delerium Tremens is a Belgian beer. It has a golden brown color with a full taste and an alcohol content of 8.5 percent. “You will either love or hate it.” Shed Mountain Ale (Otter Creek VT) great unfiltered brown ale is probably better suited to a crisp VT ski evening than a sweaty summer day. However he says” a good beer taste good all year round.”

I am off to taste beers with the experts. I will let you know what I like. Do the same. Email me at Cheers with your favorites.