The Underticket Results, Orange CT UPDATED

Town Clerk Patrick O’Sullivan ran unopposed with 3,612 votes

Tax Collector Sandy Pierson ran unopposed with 3,761 votes

Board of Finance{{more}}

Joe Nuzzo 2,856 R

Debra Marino 2,771 R

P.J. Shanley 2,030 D

Not winning

Fred Kendrick 2,544 R lost to minority representation

Jen Alafaro 1,793 D

Glenn Pearson 1,740 D

Board of Education

Kim Browe 2,425 R

Jepp Cap 2,321 R

Christian Young 2,401 R

Deanna Pacillo 1,645 D

Karen Maxwell 1,538 D

Not winning

Marc Robbins 1,529 D

Darcy Perfetto 918 IFO

Jim O’Connor 946 IFO

Amity Board of Education

Steve DeMaio 2,449 R

Tom Hurley 2,269 R

Sue Cohen 1,799 D

Not winning

Richard Cenami 2,188 R lost to minority representation

Kim Syrop 1,531 D

Judy Primavera 1,796 D

Jodi Chodos 1,119 IFO


Kristin Marquis 2,217 R

Jody Daymon 2,440 R

Jeff Vargo 2,391 R

Mike Donadeo 2,165 R

Randy Thomas 1,801 D

Santo Galatioti Jr., 1,927 D

Bob Shanley 1,910 D

Not winning

Martin Zwerdling 1,434 D

Ferdinand Messoro 953 IFO

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