Time and Life

Folks if you want to live a long and healthy life do what is creative and fascinating.{{more}} I define that as something which makes you lose track of time. When you do what makes you lose track of time you are in a trance state and your body has no aches, pains or diseases at that moment. As a young woman with AIDS posted on her refrigerator, “When you live in your heart; magic happens.” She did and went from HIV+ to HIV-.{{more}}

After an injury which made it hard for me to even stand up, let alone be active I experienced this state and became totally free of pain and able to stand for hours while painting portraits or when in the operating room performing surgery. I was quite impressed by how my mental state affected my physical being and wellness. The other thing I realized was that if you never know what time it is how can you get older? George Halas owned the Chicago Bears Football Team. When well into his 80s he was found in his office on a Sunday by someone who said, “George, at your age what are you doing working on Sunday? “His response, “It’s only work if there is someplace else you’d rather be.” And I will add that your life will be free of burdens also when love is involved.

Now I will change subjects. I do not want to offend anyone so please don’t get angry at me for quoting Joseph Campbell’s view of religion but read on to see why I mention his words, “Religion is a misinterpretation of mythology.” What I feel is that just as our shared myths are trying to teach us something so is religion. But when religions create conflicts about whose God is the true God and how you get to Heaven I think they create more problems than we solve. We are all made of the same stuff of divine origin and when you arrive in Heaven and they ask you how you want to be introduced to God answer, “It’s you” or “It’s your child” and God will answer, “Come in.” But if you list your profession or accomplishments or say “It’s me” God says come back when you know who you are; because there is no separation between you and God.

Best answer I heard to the question was, “Tell God his replacement is here.” By the way, if you’d like to be God for a day do it to understand why, and not because you want to start fixing and changing things. Our imperfect world is what makes it meaningful and gives me the chance to ramble on about life. Perfection is not creation. We are here to live, learn and create. Perfection would drive us all nuts.

Sorry if I upset anyone for getting serious and thoughtful but my new medication is working and my support group is just great in accepting me and all my perfectly imperfect mannerisms. If you want to dialog with me feel free to email me through my web site www.berniesiegelmd.com. There is an article there Understand Why which says much more than I have space for here.

Peace, Love & Healing

The past is history. The future is mystery. The gift is now. That’s why they call it The Present.

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