Hair’s To You: Tips For Summer Hair Care

The following article is written in response to a question from Orange resident Tom Quigly.{{more}} Tom thanks, for your question and interest in my column.

Memorial Day has come and gone, it’s time to enjoy some fun in the summer sun.

Keep in mind that in the summer your hair and scalp need more care than other times of the year. A little extra attention will keep hair and scalp healthy and you looking your very best.

Hair and skin are alike, they both require moisture to keep their texture and remain supple. In order to retain the moisture level in your hair in summer you should be using a shampoo that contains a sunscreen to protect hair and scalp from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Use a moisturizing conditioner after a shampoo to add the humectants needed to replenish and nourish the hair and scalp.

A leave in conditioner will also work to fortify your hair. When sitting in the sun for extended periods of time cover up with a hat, cap, or scarf.

If you are a swimmer chlorinated water and salt from the ocean if left in the hair can really do a number on normal as well as chemically treated hair.

As a stylist I have seen many a patron come into our salon with green hues in their blonde hair. There are many good clarifying shampoos on the market that will strip and remove staining from your hair.

To avoid this problem always consult your stylist they are professionals and know how to bring the hair back into condition with minimum effort.

I instruct my clients before going into the water to wet their hair or even add a little pomade or petroleum jelly.

This will help to seal the cuticle, the outside layer of the hair, preventing the absorption of harmful chemicals.

Hair grows faster in the summer. Ends should be trimmed every six to eight weeks this will help to control dry hair and frizzes.

Minimum use of blow dryers and hot irons will also help to remedy this problem. In the summer when showering use warm or cool water when rinsing your hair It is less damaging than a steaming hot rinse.

Most important stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. Your hair is an appendage of the skin and responds to what you put into your body. Following these simple guidelines will help to eliminate bad hair days throughout the summer.

Michael Raccio is a licensed Master Barber, Hairdresser and Cosmetologist, and Hair Replacement Specialist. Email him with your questions a