To the Moon and Back

After traveling over 200,000 miles, the infamous image of Buzz Aldrin’s moonboot surging into space now sits at the Orange Town Hall.{{more}}

What a story it is when something so historically significant reaches the local town hall only moments from Orange’s playground.

The story began when Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong made history when they landed the Eagle Lunar Module on the moon on July 20, 1969: almost 44 years ago to the day.

The picture was given to the Consul General of Australia, James O’Sullivan by the Apollo 11 crew.

Then a month ago, the image was passed on to Pat O’Sullivan Lucey, sister to James and aunt to Pat O’Sullivan. Lucey then gifted the town with the picture.

A woman of her own earnings, Lucey was once a professional golfer in the early 50s. She played Babe Zaharias, the female version of Tiger Woods, in the LPGA and beat her as an amateur. Lucey won the CT Women’s Golf Tournament approximately 10 times, The New England also, and the North East Tournament as well.

With such chaos recently taking place at Sandy Hook, Lucey felt it was time to dedicate such heroism to our local town hall.

“Pat was a part of the State Department for over 30 years, said Pat O’Sullivan.

“He went to Orange Center School and my grandmother even taught at Sandy Hook. She wanted to give the kids something to aspire to.”

The O’Sullivan Family wanted to exhibit inspiration in Orange – the sky is the limit – or even the moon in this case.

With such historical value so close to home, Orange cannot help but recognize the potential in ourselves: we can thank the O’Sullivan’s for that.