Vote on 2-Story Office Building Set

Plans to construct a two-story 94,000square-foot office building with 380 parking spaces at 0 Salemme Lane and Marsh Hill Road will be voted on at the July 9 Inland wetlands and Water Course Commission.{{more}}

To accomplish this, Salemme Lane will need to be extended with a turnaround at the end.

The applicant, Orange Land Development LLC of Branford, submitted its application in May and the public hearing was closed in June.

According to wetlands and soil scientist Matt Sanford, the wetlands on the property were man made from the 1990s

Wetlands Enforcement Officer R. Scott Allen concurred with Sanford.

“These are useless wetlands that were the result of a road construction project … it became a dumping ground for old cars and asphalt,” Allen said.

Allen said the first action would be to conduct a site wide clean-up. He also said a substantial amount of fill would be trucked in to level the 8 acre parcel.

If approved, the next approval would be from the Plan and Zoning Commission.