We Continue to Evolve

The times they are a changing. We are very sad to announce that our Sports Editor Jamie Lehrer is leaving us. Jamie recently completed her realtor training and will be pursuing a career in the housing market.{{more}}

Jamie has been with the paper since its inception and has provided exceptional community-oriented sports coverage with which no other local newspaper can begin to compare

We will miss Jamie and her passion to cover as much as she could, given her restriction to 2 1/2 pages of sports.

We can’t help but notice that another news publication has begun to copy our style and depth of coverage of town events. However, while this publication has begun to offer column advice much of it is syndicated – meaning the advice is not relevant to your local home town.

On the one hand, when someone copies you it can be an indication that you are succeeding. However, we put our readers first and feel it necessary to alert you to the fact that you are not by any stretch of your imagination reading the same articles that are printed in hundreds of newspapers across the country.

The Orange Times has more than 20 citizen journalists/columnists many of whom you know, who are your neighbors, and are eager to share their thoughts and wisdom on a wide range of topics. And we cannot begin to thank them enough.

Watch for the launch of our website on July 29. We are sure you will be taking advantage of all it will be offering. Stay tuned!