Wine Makes The Meal

Over the next two months many of us will be hosting holiday meals and parties. What to drink is as important as what to serve. How will you start the meal? Will the meal be full and heavy or on the lighter side? Champagne or sparkling wine is always a nice way to start a meal and goes well with any hors d’oevres. For the main meal heavier foods need full bodied wines like a cabernet or zinfandel. Pinot noirs or reislings pair better with lighter meals. I went to liquor stores in town and got opinions on what to serve.{{more}}

At the Racebrook Wine & Liquor World, Tom Smith and family recommended a number of wines and beer.

Gavi, Italian, Nuovo Quadro —A white that is light with citrus flavors and crisp acidity. Serve with appetizers, seafood and pesto.$19.99.

Gavi, Italian, La Battistina —A white fruity wine with balanced minerality and a long finish. This wine is best with ham or cheese. $14.99.

Josephine Dubois, Pinot Noir Grand Reserve, France – This red has sour cherry and earthy tones. Good with ham or turkey. $9.99.

Justin, Cabernet Sauvignon, CA —This is a smooth cabernet with notes of black currant and cherry. It has been aged for more than one year so it has depth of flavor. Try this with a roast. $22.99.

Recommended beers were Brooklyn Chocolate Stout, Two Roads Route of all Evil. Both of these are full bodied beers good with strong cheeses or chocolate and fruit desserts.

You can go to the store on Friday and Saturday, Nov. 22 and 23 for a tasting of all these products and more.

At the New England Beverage Company Michael Carleton spent time talking about champagne, sparkling wine and red and white wine for the holiday table. He recommended two sparkling wines from France.

Cremant de Loire, France, Mormouseau — Great as a starter for $14.99.

Cremant de Bourgogne, France —This one is made with pinot noir grapes for $16.99.

Wines for the meal can be many but two seemed very interesting. The first works well with a heavier meal and the other for a lighter one.

Passitivio, Puglia Italy, Primitivo —A full rich red wine. At $22.99 for a magnum (two bottles) this is a great buy.

Vin D’ Alsace,France, Edelzwicker —A delicious dry, fruity wine. This $14.99 wine would pair well with turkey and vegetables.

Talk to Michael or his staff for other great ideas.

I spent some time at the Wine & Liquor Outlet with Sam Mullick, owner and John the wine manager. John recommended these three wines for the holidays.

Zinfandel, Sonoma CA, Seghesio —$19.99. This is a full bodied red. Open it early to let it breathe so you can enjoy the balance of the cherry and spice flavor.s

Pinot Noir, Central Costal CA, Wild Horse — $15.99 A smooth and clean fruity wine with a long finish. Great with turkey or those latkes.

Riesling, Mosel Germany, Clean Slate —$9.99. A delicious clean, crisp, refreshing wine. Works well with that lighter Thanksgiving meal.

Go to these liquor stores for their wine tastings. There are many more wines to enjoy. The choice is always yours.

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